Getting Home After A Car Wreck In Mexico

You always want your vehicle to stay in prime shape during any kind of road trip. You don't want to have a wreck. If you plan to drive from the U.S. to Mexico, your concerns might increase. After all, if you have a significant problem in a foreign country, the way you go about fixing the damage might be very different than the process you know. What can you do with the resources you have available?

In many cases, you will have help available for various accident costs. That is, however, as long as you have a Mexican car insurance policy. Many Mexican policies make allowances for American drivers. They understand that these drivers might have unique challenges that local drivers might not face. By working with one of our agents, you can determine the right coverage options for your own needs. Never take a road trip without this coverage.

Why Americans Need Mexico Car Insurance

Cross-border travel between the U.S. and Mexico is heavy. Indeed, countless Americans drive between the countries every day. What every one of them needs to realize is that when they do so, they need to have Mexican car insurance.

Mexican law does not recognize American auto insurance as valid. Therefore, when you cross the border, your everyday U.S. policy will become void. All the same, the law also requires that you carry car insurance. Therefore, you will have to get a Mexican policy to meet the rule.

Policies issued in Mexico will come from Mexican insurers, and they will meet local legal stipulations. However, they will contain many types of coverage that might look familiar to you. For example, most will include damage protection that can help you pay to repair your vehicle. You will also have liability insurance that will help you pay for the damage you cause others.

What's more, Mexican insurers will frequently offer unique coverage options that can apply to Americans in need of help. These options, therefore, might provide added assistance given the particular challenges you might face on the road.

Coverage for Americans Following Wrecks

Yes, your Mexican auto policy might help you pay for your own vehicle repairs, and the damage costs of others if you are at-fault for a wreck. However, given that you are American, how you go about this process might differ. You therefore might benefit from certain policy elements that can add more targeted benefits to your policy.

  • U.S. Repair Option - You might want to have your car repaired back home where you know your mechanics. This option can make sure you can afford to do so.
  • Legal Assistance - In Mexico, it is not uncommon for police to arrest you if they suspect you are at-fault for a wreck. This coverage can help you receive bail money, counsel and other assistance until you settle the damage costs and the investigation ends.
  • Roadside Assistance - If you become stranded due to a vehicle failure, your coverage might be able to send a towing service and other assistance to you. In many cases, these costs will be free of charge.
  • Medical Evacuation Assistance - If you need to go to a hospital following injuries, this coverage might help pay for your transport fees.
  • Travel Expenses Insurance - Car accidents could total your vehicle. Theft could also mean the vehicle is a total loss. In these cases, you might need help getting back home. This coverage might pay for your plane tickets or other costs for your return travel.
  • Dollar Payouts - If you have to file a claim on your Mexico policy, the policy will still compensate you in American dollars. They payout will usually also come from an American bank.

In many cases, you might need other types of specific travel insurance to better protect yourself. Coverage might pay for your emergency medical assistance, or for personal effects and belongings that you need to insure. Keep in mind, these coverage options are usually separate from your Mexican car insurance. A Sanborn's Insurance agent can help you determine the appropriate course of action to apply for these policies.

What to do if You Have a Wreck in Mexico

If you ever experience any type of problem during your Mexican road trip, don't panic. You will have resources available to help you.

  • Mexico now has a nationwide 911 system. You can dial this number for immediate assistance. Be careful, however, as you might need an interpreter who speaks English. Near the border and in most tourist sites there should be operators able to speak English.
  • Throughout Mexico, a national roadside assistance service called the Green Angels (Angeles Verdes) patrols major highways. The Green Angels can provide a variety of vehicle services and tourist assistance. Most of the drivers are bilingual.
  • Most Mexico car insurance providers offer speedy, efficient service for claims. Your policy will provide an English-language claims service. If your policy includes roadside assistance, the insurer can dispatch assistance to you.

Call your insurer as soon as an accident occurs. They will help you determine the immediate course of action. After you get the situation under control, then they will help you return home, continue your journey and arrange for any necessary vehicle repairs.

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